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Payment Methods: We accept payment via credit/debit cards,  and other methods as indicated during the checkout process. Please ensure that the payment method you choose is valid and authorized for use.

Currency: All prices on our website are listed in USD. If you are purchasing from a different country, currency conversion rates may apply, and additional charges may be incurred by your bank or financial institution.

Payment Processing: Once you place an order on our website, your payment will be processed immediately. You will receive an email confirmation of your order and payment details shortly after completing your purchase.

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Your MasterCard number is not accessible to us. When your purchase is complete, we can only see your billing information, shipping information.


Bestmensjackets doesn’t like it when someone gives out our personal information and neither do you! That is why we do not rent, sell or share your personal information with anyone. Our Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is collected and how your personal information can be used.

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